ReSIProcate 1.4 Release

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Getting the software[edit]



This release is made from the resiprocate-1.4 tag and can be checked out from the following SVN path:

For the standard subversion client you can fetch this with either:

svn export


svn checkout

Release Notes v 1.4[edit]


New features[edit]

  • Working with installed resip headers/libs no longer requires setting the USE_SSL and USE_IPV6 preprocessor macros to avoid API/ABI mismatch issues

Build system[edit]

New features[edit]

  • better cross-compilation support
  • added a menu-based configuration mode


New features[edit]

  • added a faster implementation of std::ostream
  • added some RADIUS utility classes

Bug fixes[edit]

  • more work on bad asserts in the dns code


New features[edit]

  • modified TlsConnection so that if a domain certificate is present, then it will be loaded and assigned to TLS client connections (as well as the TLS Server connections). This allows resip to return a certificate to the Server if it asks for one (ie. MTLS servers). Note: Errors are only logged or thrown when the certificate is not present in the store for TLS Server connections.
  • updated some documentation on what standards headers are defined in
  • added SipStack::abandonServerTransaction(), which allows a TU to tell the stack to abandon a given server transaction, without requiring the TU to send a response
  • added SipStack::cancelClientInviteTransaction(), which allows a TU to tell the stack to CANCEL a client INVITE transaction; the stack handles the sending of the CANCEL (including waiting for a provisional to come in if it hasn't already)
  • added SipStack::setFixBadCSeqNumbers(), which can configure the stack to automatically ensure that the CSeq number in responses matches the CSeq number in the request
  • added errno logging on SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in TlsConnection

Bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed a bug in parsing of embedded headers in a Uri
  • various fixes to the select loop
  • fixed a place in the multipart contents code that was doing case-sensitive comparisons on "Content-Type"
  • fixed a bug where a transport parameter was added to the Contact uri when the Contact uri had a gr parameter
  • fix for a timing issue in resip TLS code (SSL trying to write data before TCP connect was ready)
  • improved the certificate name match (wildcards match for subjectAltName and case insensitive match for commonName)
  • fixed a bug where calling SipMessage::getContents() when the Content-Type header was malformed would cause an exception to be thrown
  • fixed a couple of bugs in SipMessage where an empty single-value header would cause exceptions to be thrown
  • fixed a bug where message-decorators could be run twice on outgoing messages if a DNS failover occurred


New features[edit]

  • GRUU support
  • dialog event support
  • more flexible configuration of min, max, and default expires values in ServerRegistration and ServerSubscription
  • add an accessor to InviteSession to get the remote contact header - remoteTarget
  • added RADIUS auth support (subject to depedencies)

Bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed a bug where calling ClientRegistration::refresh while a previous REGISTER was pending would cause another REGISTER request to be sent.
  • fixed a bug where INFO requests were not handled correctly in a server invite session
  • in ClientSubscription
    • ensure we don't retry if end() was called
    • don't use mRemoteTarget when creating new retry Subscriptions
    • mid-dialog 4xx retry error will no longer create a new dialog - refresh is retried instead
  • fixed bug where InviteSession::onAnswer() was not passing the current remote SDP correctly
  • added a missing entry in the InviteSession EndReason array


Bug fixes[edit]

  • allow forking to both outbound and non-outbound target simultaneously
  • fix for repro crash when deleting two ACL members at the same time from the web interface
  • fix for WIN32 to catch exceptions thrown from WinCompat::getInterfaces
  • fixed recursive redirect functionality