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* Use the context menu to start the clone:
To be completed....
* If this is the first time you run Git, it will ask you to complete the profile setup:
* The only things you need to complete are the User name and email address
* These values will be embedded in any commits you make
* Commits are hashed and can't be changed later, so it is imperative that you set appropriate long-term values
* A long-term personal email address is usually recommended
* You can change these values later, but changing them will not change any commits that you have already contributed to a repository
* The files will be in C:\DEV\resiprocate after the clone:
* Click "Clone" to proceed:
* Wait a couple of minutes, it is downloading the full history of every file in every branch:
* It is not finished and ready to use:
* Use the context menu to access Git functions:
* Notice how the browser can easily show all activity on a file on all branches in chronological order?
* Browsing the file in other branches is lightning fast because everything is cached locally by the "Clone" operation

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