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Nothing is happening, what's wrong?

You must add transports.

All I'm receiving is 503s, why?

You must add transports.

How do I convert from a NameAddr or a URI to a data?

You can use Data::from() on any class or object that supports operator << on a string. For example:

NameAdder foo;
Data d=Data::from(foo)

Why does addTransport throw?

Sorry, the answer is not in my notes.

Can I remove transports?


Why does dynamic_cast<MyContents*>(foo) return 0?

You have to include the contents header file in the file that has the main library (for example, #include “SdpContents.hxx”) otherwise dynamic casts will fail. There will be a body, but it won't have contents.

buildFdSet, select, process

Please rephrase as a question. Thanks.

I told the stack to send a provisional response to a REGISTER and nothing happened. What happened?

The stack not only thinks that's a bad idea, it corrects your behavior by dropping the response.

Are there any quirks about TCP behavior I should know about?

If the stack acts as a UAS for a request received over TCP and the other side closes the connection before we respond, we will try to connect to other destination of that tuple, but if that fails, we won't open a new connection to send a response. No errors will be returned to the application.

How can I tell if I have multiple values for a single-value header field?


If the return size doesn't equal one, you have more than one value for the To header field.