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General TODO

  • reduce library use - remove BOOST and/or rutil requirement - remove ASIO for client??
  • allow multiple interfaces to be used for relay
  • per user allocation quota enforcement
  • move TLS server settings to configuration
  • cleanup stun message class so that there are accessors for all data members
  • Check for unknown attributes
  • Timeout Channel Bindings - currently binding last until the allocation is destroyed
  • The server is supposed to prevent a relayed transport address and the 5-tuple from being reused in different allocations for 2 minutes after the allocation expires
  • SASL Prep for unicode passwords (RFC4013)
  • Configuration Framework
  • Multi-threaded support
  • Bandwidth check

Client TODO

  • rework synchronous sockets to use Asynchrous sockets to unify implementation better
    • Note: synchronous sockets currently do not support long term authentication
  • retries should be paced at 500ms, 1000ms, 2000ms, etc. - after 442, 443, or 444 response - currently applications responsibility
  • DNS SRV Discovery - currently only does host record lookup (using ASIO)
  • implement 300 Try-Alternate response - currently applications responsibility
  • use of a calculated RTO for retransmissions
  • TLS client- post connect/handshake server hostname validation
  • keepalive usage??
  • add option to require message integrity - depends on usage - ICE